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  2. Is Eric McCormack Gay In Real Life Or Has A Wife? His Family, Height
  3. Darren Criss Says He Will No Longer Play LGBTQ Characters – Deadline
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The actor Chris New , who starred opposite Cullen in Weekend, feels he has been pigeonholed by his sexuality. In my work, I am increasingly allowed to engage in my culture only when that engagement centres on being gay.

Being out has done nothing but restrict my career. In the current cultural climate I am invited to participate only on the basis of my supposed oppression. Nothing more is required of me. I live in a cultural ghetto. His response has been a drastic one.

Most Viewed in Entertainment

I just hope they are the best actor. And I quietly wish that the role could be defined as something a little more than just gay. Dan Krikler, a straight actor, agrees to be the voice of the heterosexual community for this article. It seems ridiculous to only play parts within your own experience.

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It may expand opportunities for LGBT performers, but the idea of like-for-like casting can only inhibit the scope of acting in general. For his part, Seavey has no problem with it.

Is Eric McCormack Gay In Real Life Or Has A Wife? His Family, Height

It would be such a bad use of my time and energy to even think of complaining. What would be nice is if gay actors got cast more often, especially in straight roles, and if film and television featured queer characters way more prominently. Apparently, he got over it, and got a ton of accolades for doing it. While many people speculated about his sexuality, he preferred not to reveal details about his personal life to the public before a interview with The Advocate.

More recently, Hayes has revealed that he's " ashamed and embarrassed " he stayed in the closet for so long when he might have made a difference in young gay people's lives by coming out sooner. Hayes is now married to his longtime partner Scott Icenolgle. Well, at least that's what it would cost now in to live in the New York City apartment where the protagonists were supposedly living in the show.

His character was a lawyer and hers was an interior designer, so they probably were pretty well off, but… damn. This sounds surprising, considering Jewish characters and culture were such a staple of the sitcoms of this time. Think Seinfeld. According to writer Kera Bolonik, the double Jewish union was unique , and even meaningful.

Darren Criss Says He Will No Longer Play LGBTQ Characters – Deadline

She says he behaved obsessively about winning the fake competition that the segment was part of, and that she now really regrets the performance. Anyway, what ever happened to that guy?

'Andi Mack's' Joshua Rush Opens Up About Playing Disney's First Openly Gay Character - PeopleTV

That's definitely enough to afford to live in the apartment Will and Grace shared in the show. April At a Commonwealth reception, in a chic pinstriped look. May Meghan and Harry pictured at their wedding, which you may have read a thing or two about.

The Sydney Morning Herald

June Meghan at her first Trooping the Colour ceremony, along with the rest of the gang. October Just a casual-glam candid moment on an overseas royal tour.

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