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I have heard the word being used in the past but to be honest I have never really thought much about this emotion, it felt foreign to me so I dismissed this. The more I have looked inside and the emotions I am facing I can see Shame as the biggest part of my past that is still haunting me to this day. Shame thrives on hiding, being kept away, locked deep inside.

It hates exposure. The more you do not talk about shame, the more it enables the feelings of not being good enough to become heightened. Since going to my weekly meditation classes I have started to see why I was still getting these bouts of anxiety, why I was still feeling unworthy, not good enough and Shame kept raising its ugly head each time. I focus on keeping eye contact with objects in the distance but then the thoughts pop in so quickly….

Also when on a date, there will always be a moment when you look around to see if anyone is looking if you want to kiss the guy, not as much now but at times I do get a little self-aware. I have felt this uncomfortable feeling of being judged, this is mostly being judged by myself. I was not comfortable in my own skin as I do not I think I have fully accepted who I am, a gay man living in this world.

The feeling came from my stomach and it felt like shame. This feeling was no way near the height as to what it was years ago but still I felt it cast a shadow over me.

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Only until recently whenever I went home to Mayo to visit my family I would be asked am I seeing anyone. I would feel uncomfortable and try to change the subject.

The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness - The Huffington Post

For the love of God man I say to myself, why are you getting embarrassed? No one cares yet you are making a bigger deal out of this in your own head. So from then on I answered honestly and tell them before they asked me that yes, I was dating this great guy and the embarrassed feelings would subside and I would feel more relaxed.

The word was shameful, disgusting, negative and even at a young age I felt connected to that word. I knew from a very early age I was gay so my earliest beliefs of myself were negative, shameful, disgusting and then my anxiety and shyness developed. As I look back I always thought my anxiety and shameful feelings started in secondary school when the bullying happened but now I can see this went back much further. Then I started Irish dancing with the rest of the kids, all the lads hated it, I loved it, I was really good at it but I felt embarrassed, look at the gay boy Irish dancing.

I went to competitions at primary school and won medals and trophies, I felt so proud of myself, so happy but shameful. I knew this looked gay and the kids were judging me so I just stopped after primary school.

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I stopped something I loved so that I could fit in. Even by pretending to like things I hated other kids still picked up on my gayness, my differences. I looked like the other guys but I was different, I was gay, I stood out to them and they hated me.

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The overwhelming feeling of shame went so deep into my soul and has been hiding there ever since. Every night as a kid I would go to bed and pray to God to please let me be like the rest of the boys, let me fit in, please God let them leave me alone, let me fade into the background.


Shame makes me feel less than, not good enough, not handsome enough, not smart enough. Once that thought enters my mind then there is this wave of emotion that can take your breath away. So I had to really face this monster in the face and stare him square in the eye and feel those horrendous feelings I was trying to run away from. By facing this deep rooted pain the monster now has shrunk in size. Shame does not bring me down as he once has but at times he does creep up.

He tries to remind me to be careful of all those people out there, that they are out to hurt me but I know now this is just fear that will lead to anxiety but I am not going down that road again. Time to make a new turn. I thank God today for making me the person I am now, I was meant to be a gay man living in this beautiful yet complex world and now I am embracing my differences, my quirks, the qualities that make me who I am.

I am not perfect and I never want to be. I am really starting to love the person I am right now who happens to be gay and I am letting those old feelings of shame that haunted me go forever. They may come back from time to time but they will not stick around for long.

Overcoming the shame of being gay

You may feel uncomfortable sizing up your curves versus your girlfriend's athletic frame. Or you could feel that much more understood. She knows that insecurities you may face, as it's possible she shares the same insecurities herself. When it comes to body image for lesbians and queer women, there's not one specific universal experience. But, I spoke to a few women who are dating women or who have in the past , and they told me how their experiences helped them feel better about their bodies. Megan, 25, feels better about her body when dating women because it changes the way in which she sees herself.

I loved their bodies, and realized that mine was just as perfect. I realized I was ultimately attracted to confidence, especially people who are confident in their own queerness, and body type wasn't even on my radar, so it took that pressure off of myself to have the 'perfect' body. For Sabrina, 22, dating women helped her confront her body image issues, and eventually, led to her feeling more at peace with her body.